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Our Policy

We are grateful to the efforts of our senior alumni doctors, to develop the clinical knowledge and skills, and to establish and maintain a collaborative system among the university hospital, affiliated hospitals and clinics in the Kitakyushu area. As of 2014, we currently operate 40 beds in the university hospital. Both in the Kitakyushu city area and within several hospitals, our alumni doctors manage neurological and psychosomatic departments. We also hope that such young doctors and researchers are struggling to unveil the mechanism of neurological and psychosomatic diseases and develop a new therapeutics in their research works. We are always in cooperation through the introduction of patients, clinical and research conferences and lecture meetings, the results of which contribute to our regional medical service. Our mission is to fully utilize all possible resources to achieve excellence in medical examination and treatment, research, and education, all of which benefit health care.


Medical treatments

In the University Hospital, considering the balanced allocation of many major neurological and psychosomatic diseases, we provide variety of pharmaceutical treatments. We also provide tertiary medical treatments for difficult cases, such as treatment-resistant severe epileptic seizures, cerebrovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, dietary and autoimmune neurological diseases. The data of these treatments allow us to present new information related to the pathogenesis and pathogenesis of each disease.



For the purpose of education and the sharing of medical information, the ward conference room contains the several devices in conjunction with the electronic medical record system of the university hospital. This network enables each doctor to enter patients’ clinical data from the laptop computer connected by LAN, allowing each doctor the opportunity to discuss and share patient information during clinical conference.



Since the creation of our department, the theme of research is deeply rooted in the clinical area. Actively maintained by former professors (Dr. Murai and Dr. Tsuji), the research data related to the epileptic diseases continues to be recognized as one of world's leading studies. At present, we continue to find a new evidence to explore the mechanism and new treatments in both basic and clinical medical research of paroxysmal neurological diseases, and also hope to proceed to prospective randomized clinical trials with our alumni doctors employing the advantage of our affiliated hospitals. Furthermore, we are performing basic and pathological research in the neurological and neuropsychological fields. Please visit our Research page.